Middlesex County cracking down on drug dealers…

A police raid in Edison, NJ lead to the arrest of two men who were charged with possession and distribution of marijuana and heroin, controlled drug substances near a school zone, and possession of prohibited weapons while committing a controlled substance criminal offense.  The police also recovered $6,000 in cash from the residence.  Jared Stine, 51,  was charged with the more serious offenses and was also wanted for outstanding warrants in several different municipalities. Stine’s bail was set at $75,000.  Terry Roland, 24, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  It is not clear if Roland was released or is being held on bail.

Police believe that the investigation and arrest was time sensitive given the close proximity of the residence to a school.

While these arrest are good for Edison township, do you think bail was set too low?  Stine was not only charged with all of the above criminal offenses, but he had outstanding warrants from 6 other municipalities.  Leave your comments…

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Man gets arrested in South Brunswick Target Parking Lot…

Brandon Gill of Jacksonville, FL was approached by South Brunswick Police in a Target parking lot after security reported a suspicious vehicle had been sitting in the parking lot for hours.  When Gill was approached by police, he stated he was visiting friends in NYC and stopped at the Target parking lot before heading back down to Florida.  Police sensed that Gill was nervous as he explained his reasoning for being in the parking lot.  Other police officers were called and when they arrived, Gill admitted to having a handgun in the vehicle.  Police recovered a .380 handgun with 13 hollow point bullets (which are illegal).  They also recovered another magazine with 13 hollow point bullets, a metal baton, a knife and a grip handle.  Gill was charged with unlawful possession of weapons and possession of prohibited weapons.  His bail was set at $10,000 and he was being held at Middlesex County Jail.

The question on everyone’s mind is, why was he in possession of a handgun with hollow point bullets if he was only visiting friends?  By chance, was he in the Target parking lot with an ulterior motive?   We may never know.  Leave your comments…

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Jersey City man indicted on decapitation charges…WOW

Yusuf Ibrahim, 29, of Jersey City was indicted today on charges of fatally shooting two men and then cutting their hands and head off before burying them in a wooded area in February of 2013.  Mr. Ibrahim is seen in court photos making faces and smiling at the judge.  While the article is speaks of Mr. Ibrahim’s actions, it does not depict any other reason for the brutal murder and decapitation besides an argument that ensued with Mr. Ibrahim and the two victims, Hanny Tawadros & Amgad Konds.  He is currenlty being held on a $3.3 million cash only bond.

The question is, did Mr. Ibrahim really commit these charges against him strictly because of an argument?  We are sure there is more to this story and would like to hear your thoughts.

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A Barnegat, NJ woman was arrested on multiple drug charges…

On April 15, 2014, Angela Woerner was arrested by the Barnegat Police Narcotics Unit with possession of heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and public lewdness.  Police officers saw Ms. Woerner in a CVS parking lot and knew that she had outstanding warrants for her arrest.  They approached Ms. Woerner and found she was in possession of both marijuana and heroin.  She was not happy and resisted arrest, spit at the officers and flashed her genitalia to the detectives numerous times.  She was taken to Ocean County Jail and was being held on a $40,000 bond.

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Perth Amboy Police Officers cleared on murder charges…

It is a story we have heard before and most likely will hear again; police officers kill a suspect and walk away with a slap on the wrist.  The most recent case in NJ comes to us from Perth Amboy, NJ.  On December 4th, a frightened mother calls 911 because her schizophrenic 32 year-old son (Dixon Rodriguez) had not been taken his medication and was acting violently towards her.  Police officers Rafael Puntiel and Gina Fontan were dispatched to the location.  According to reports, Rodriguez was armed with a knife and attacked the officers when they approached him.  Both officers fired their weapons, killing Rodriguez on the scene.

While the knife was recovered on the scene, it was clearly understood that Mr. Rodriguez was mentally ill and not in his right state of mind.  The question is, why didn’t Police Officers Puntiel and Fontan apprehend the suspect without murdering him?  Leave your comments and sound off…

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Connecticut girl gets killed for rejecting prom invitation…REALLY

Maren Sanchez was only 16 years old when she was allegedly fatally stabbed by a young man who asked her to prom. Reportedly, the young man (whose name has not been released) asked Sanchez to prom and rejected his invitation. Then, sometime around 7:00am this morning, Sanchez was stabbed and pronounced dead later at the hospital.

Now, the question is, why would a young man who has his whole life ahead of him do something like this? While all reports still remain unanswered, it is truly unbelievable that such a brutal crime would be committed because of a rejection to prom.

Leave your comments / thoughts…

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Asbury Park cracking down on drug distribution…

Asbury Park Narcotics and Gang unit obtained a search warrant for 100 Langford Street after suspicions of drug activity. After searching the residence, police arrested Tyquan Henderson of Neptune, Marquice Wiggs of Ocean Grove, Tarik Young of Asbury Park and Zhane Lane of Red Bank. All 4 men were charged with possession of crack cocaine, intent to distribute, intent to distribute in a school zone, intent to distribute in a public housing zone, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphenalia.

Wiggs had an open warrant on separate charges and was taken to the Monmouth County Jail. All other men were released with summonses.

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Out on bail and back to jail…

A Trenton, NJ man, Aramis Jermaine Wiggins was arrested while out on bail on robbery charges. Mr. Wiggins was arrested on April 15th after Police Office Chris VanNess stopped him for a route traffic stop in West Windsor. P.O. VanNess found 745 bundles of heroin and a glock handgun in Mr. Wiggins glove compartment. He was also in possession of high capacity magazines and hollow point bullets. Mr. Higgins claims that his first of robbery was a “misunderstanding” and that police arrested the wrong individual. His bail was set at $250,000 as council believes that the probability of Mr. Wiggins being convicted are “significant”.

As a bail bonds company, we see and hear about so many similar cases. One thing we must all remember is that bail is a “right” and everyone is “innocent until proven guilty”.

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Writing a bail bond without consent…even possible?

Actor Randy Quaid is suing an Indianapolis Bail Bonds Company (American Surety) for posting bail for he and his wife without any approval.  Allegedly, Mr. Quaid and his wife Evi, were arrested in Vancouver for failing to appear in court in California on squatting charges.  The court issued bail in the amount of $50,000 for each Mr. Quaid and his wife Evi.  Mr. Quaid is adamant that not he or his wife hired American Surety to post bail on their behalf and they are now suing the company for unspecified damages in lost wages and emotional distress.  So, you ask, why would a bail bonds company subject themselves to legal action for posting bail without any consent?  The answer will remain unknown as it is not clear whether or not a member for the Quaid’s family hired the Surety company to post bail.  We will see what happens.

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Janet Farese of Brick Sentenced to 5 Years for Embezzlement…

Janet Farese, age 55 of Brick, NJ was sentenced to 5 years in a NJ State Prison by the Superior court judge Robert Lee Reisner.  Ms. Farese is accused of embezzling $130,000 from her previous employer where she served as Chief Financial Officer.  She pleaded guilty to second degree theft in January before being sentenced.  Ms. Farese admittedly inflated her paychecks and cut herself extra checks while serving in her position in Granard Pharmaceutical Sales.  The question is… “Why would someone who makes a decent living commit such a crime?”  The answer will probably remain unknown, but I think we can all agree that GREED plays a huge factor.

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