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Newark Chosen for Violence Reduction Network

Newark, New Jersey has been selected as one of five cities to be added to the Department of Justice’s Violence Reduction Network. The year-old program promoted efforts to reduce crime in Camden last year. The Violence Reduction Network connects cities with federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshals […]

High Bails Lead to Overcrowded Jail in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma County jail has become so overcrowded that the situation has reached a crisis point. The population has risen to more than 2,750 people in the past two months. Officials are concerned about how this can affect the safety of detention officers, lawyers, bail bondsmen, officials, and inmates. County officials and bail bondsmen met […]

Connecticut Considers Bail Reform

Thousands of people are in pretrial detention in Connecticut every day, and over 500 are held on bonds of $20,000 or less because they cannot pay bail bondsmen their fees, which are typically 10 percent, to get out of jail. Connecticut is considering reforms that would reduce the number of people held in jail because […]

Newark Officials Respond to Spike in Homicides

After six homicides in as many days in the fourth full week of August, Newark Police Department Director Eugene Venable reassigned 115 officers from administrative duties to patrols. City officials believe many of the recent shootings were drug-related. As of August 29, 62 homicides had been reported in Newark. There had been 203 shootings in […]

Fake ID’s and Illegal Documents: The Consequences

Fake IDs may be commonplace around a college campus, but they can cause quite a problem for their owners if discovered. While many underage students believe their fake IDs are no big deal, recent reports show otherwise. The legal risks of carrying a fake ID are pretty worrisome and could result in jail time. What […]

The Safest Cities in New Jersey in 2015

New Jersey crime rates are a constant point of discussion in the news with Camden, Wildwood, and Atlantic City reigning as three of the most dangerous cities in the state. Whether you vacation in New Jersey or live in the state, you may care about the most dangerous areas, but you definitely care about the […]

What Are Your Rights When Stopped by Police in NJ?

With recent news over the suspicious death of Sandra Bland and increasing occurrences of cops showing unnecessary aggression toward the public and vice versa, many are questioning what a citizen’s rights truly are when stopped by police? Here are some common questions about police traffic stops and their answers. Can police pull you over at […]

Bail Basics: FAQ’s about Bail in New Jersey

If you don’t know what bail is and how it works, or if you’ve only heard the term on Law & Order or another crime show, it is time to read up on this very important part of the judiciary system. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions about the basics of bail in New […]

The NJ Watcher Remains Unknown

It sounds like something out of a horror movie. In the early summer of 2014, a New Jersey family bought their $1.3 million dream home in Westfield only to receive threatening letters from an anonymous stalker self-titled as “The Watcher.” They received the first letter three days after closing the deal to purchase the home. […]