Middlesex County cracking down on drug dealers…

A police raid in Edison, NJ lead to the arrest of two men who were charged with possession and distribution of marijuana and heroin, controlled drug substances near a school zone, and possession of prohibited weapons while committing a controlled substance criminal offense.  The police also recovered $6,000 in cash from the residence.  Jared Stine, 51,  was charged with the more serious offenses and was also wanted for outstanding warrants in several different municipalities. Stine’s bail was set at $75,000.  Terry Roland, 24, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  It is not clear if Roland was released or is being held on bail.

Police believe that the investigation and arrest was time sensitive given the close proximity of the residence to a school.

While these arrest are good for Edison township, do you think bail was set too low?  Stine was not only charged with all of the above criminal offenses, but he had outstanding warrants from 6 other municipalities.  Leave your comments…

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