Camden County Cops: Pepper Sprayed Fugitive Spat at Us

Police in Camden County got more than they bargained for when they arrested 35-year-old Jason M. Porten early on the morning of Monday, April 20 – not the least of which was a trip for two officers to the local hospital.

At around 1:40 Monday morning, police in Gloucester Township observed a suspicious 2004

New Jersey Mugshot - Bail Bonds Services NJ

Jason M. Porten in a 2010 mugshot (via

Ford mini-van exiting the parking lot of a closed business. Officers tried to pull the vehicle over, but the driver, Mr. Porten, fled from police.

After leading the officers on a brief chase, Porten abandoned his van at the bottom of a dead-end street on Hamilton Avenue in Blackwood. He then took off on foot into some nearby woods.

As if that wasn’t brazen enough, once police caught up with Porten in the wooded area, he began to physically resist and fight with the officers, according to their report. After being subdued with pepper spray and cuffed, Porten still continued to buck against the inevitable, allegedly spitting at police.

Porten was ultimately taken in and charged with eluding, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, and five counts of aggravated assault on police – a second degree crime that can land up to ten years and fines of $150,000 per conviction.

Police have also said that their investigation into the incident is ongoing, due to “recovered items believed to be potentially connected to criminal activity by the accused.”

Two of the officers were allegedly hurt during the scuffle, and were released after a brief treatment at a local hospital. The exact nature of their injuries was not made public.

Porten, too, made a trip to the hospital, but only to be medically cleared for incarceration. As of this writing, Porten is in Camden County Jail in default of $50,000 bail.

Police ask anyone with information regarding the case call their anonymous tip line at 856-842-5560.

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