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Bail Bonds for Immigration Cases in New JerseyThe United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is the Federal organization tasked with arresting and detaining illegal aliens and other foreign nationals. If an immigrant is taken into ICE custody for any reason, they or an immigration judge may decide to set a bond amount necessary to secure their release.

If you, a friend, or a loved one ends up in ICE custody in New Jersey and bond is set, get them out of prison by calling Chance BailBonds at (732) 984-4101.

How Much does Bail Bonds Services for Immigration Cost?

This is going to depend on the specific case and what the judge decides to set bail at. Generally, if someone is considered to be a greater flight risk, their bond will be set higher. Typical bond amounts can be anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

How Does Immigration Bonds Work?

You can pay for an immigration bond in one of two ways: with cash, in the full amount paid directly to the government, or with a surety bond. Surety bond entails paying a bail bonds agent a set fee, usually 10%-20% of the total bond.

Cash bond is returned after the detainee has met all their obligations and attended all court hearings. Surety bond is non-refundable however, but may be necessary if you don’t have the full amount of bond.

What are the Different Type of Immigration Bonds?

There are two types of immigration bond. The first is what’s called a “delivery Immigration Bail Bonds New Jerseybond,” and is given in order to ensure that the arrestee shows up for all of their court hearings. Cash bond payments are returned afterwards.

The other type of immigration bond is a “voluntary departure bond.” If an illegal immigrant is taken into custody, they may be released on this kind of bond if they agree to leave the country on their own within a set time frame.

Can Arriving Aliens Get Out in Bail?

Typically arriving aliens are not released on bond. Arriving aliens are defined as: (a) Apprehended at the border seeking admission even if paroled (allowed to enter) into the US; (b) Interdicted and brought into the US even if they are not seeking admission; (c) Returning Lawful Permanent Residents considered to be seeking admission.

Do All Bail Bonds Companies Offer Immigration Bail Bonds?

No. Immigration bonds are considered particularly risky, and therefore many companies refuse to offer them. In New Jersey, Chance BailBonds is one exception to the rule, offering fast, and reliable bail bonds immigration bail bonds services to those in need.

Call Chance BailBonds at (732) 984-4101 for immigration bail bonds services today.

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