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Immigration bail bonds are quite a bit different than normal bail bonds within the United States, and of course the laws vary from state to state.  These come into play when an individual has been arrested for immigration purposes, i.e. they are not technically a citizen of the county.

Additionally, if someone is arrested for a typical criminal charge but their citizenship happens to be in question, that individual might end up in the hands of the ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This makes perfect sense, since non-citizens aren’t necessarily offered the same rights and judicial process as citizens of the United States, it would not make sense to handle this group in the same fashion.

Additionally, just because someone arrested for a simple marijuana possession is usually let right out of jail, if he or she is potentially in violation of immigration law, the case is going to require additional attention.

These individuals are not typically held in the same prison facilities as normal accused or convicted criminals, and different forms of bail are necessary.

There are two typical types of immigration bail bond:

1. Delivery Bond: if the ICE has arrested an illegal immigrant, that person can still get out of jail if an immigration judge determines it appropriate.  That individual will have an arrest warrant and be subject to certain custody conditions issued by the ICE.  The purpose of this bond is to ensure that the detained individual shows up for all of his or her hearings… much like all bonds.  This will allow illegal immigrants to avoid spending all of that time in jail.

2. Voluntary Departure Bond:  Many times, an individual is given the ability to simply leave the country within a specific time period.  This will be done at the cost of the arrested individual.  If that person leaves the country within the specified time period, the bail is returned in full (minus whatever fee a bondsman requires, if one is used).

The amount of an immigration bail bonds is determined by a number of factors including criminal history, family ties within the country, employment status, and any number of indicating factors that would determine the “flight risk” of the given individual.  If the person already has outstanding criminal matters and faces deportation, it is reasonable to assume that he or she is a larger flight risk.

Typically an immigration bail bondsman will charge between 15 and 20 percent of the entire bail.  This amount is given to the agent as a fee for the services provided and the risk incurred.  The arrested individual’s family and friends could also post the entire cash amount to the ICE if they have the money hanging around.

If you know someone who has been arrested for immigration issues, please don’t hesitate to call Chance BailBonds any time, day or night.