Janet Farese of Brick Sentenced to 5 Years for Embezzlement…

Janet Farese, age 55 of Brick, NJ was sentenced to 5 years in a NJ State Prison by the Superior court judge Robert Lee Reisner.  Ms. Farese is accused of embezzling $130,000 from her previous employer where she served as Chief Financial Officer.  She pleaded guilty to second degree theft in January before being sentenced.  Ms. Farese admittedly inflated her paychecks and cut herself extra checks while serving in her position in Granard Pharmaceutical Sales.  The question is… “Why would someone who makes a decent living commit such a crime?”  The answer will probably remain unknown, but I think we can all agree that GREED plays a huge factor.

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  1. Eli Harmony
    Eli Harmony says:

    I agree with the comments in the post that this Ms. Farese was driven to do this by greed. We can also speculate that she was living beyond her means and was supplementing her income by paying herself extra money on the company’s expense. Nonetheless, it does not make it right or moral to steal from your employer or anyone else for that matter!


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