Jersey City man indicted on decapitation charges…WOW

Yusuf Ibrahim, 29, of Jersey City was indicted today on charges of fatally shooting two men and then cutting their hands and head off before burying them in a wooded area in February of 2013.  Mr. Ibrahim is seen in court photos making faces and smiling at the judge.  While the article is speaks of Mr. Ibrahim’s actions, it does not depict any other reason for the brutal murder and decapitation besides an argument that ensued with Mr. Ibrahim and the two victims, Hanny Tawadros & Amgad Konds.  He is currenlty being held on a $3.3 million cash only bond.

The question is, did Mr. Ibrahim really commit these charges against him strictly because of an argument?  We are sure there is more to this story and would like to hear your thoughts.

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