Man assaults officer after being denied a haircut…

Clive Hinds, 22, from Maple Shade, NJ added 3 years to his already 25 year sentence after being denied a haircut.  Clive was awaiting a jury decision on a 2010 gang related double homicide when he requested a haircut in the county jail.  After being denied the haircut, he attacked a correction officer and a larger fight ensued leading more inmates to attack the officer.  While this was all occurring, the jury was deliberating on the 2010 murder charge and found Hinds guilty of murder.  He received a 25 year sentence for that charge.  Then, another 3 year sentence was added to his sentence for the assault on the police officer.

Do you think Hinds most likely new he was going to be spending the majority of his adult life behind bars and adding some more time wasn’t a big deal? Sound off in your comments below…

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