Man gets arrested in South Brunswick Target Parking Lot…

Brandon Gill of Jacksonville, FL was approached by South Brunswick Police in a Target parking lot after security reported a suspicious vehicle had been sitting in the parking lot for hours.  When Gill was approached by police, he stated he was visiting friends in NYC and stopped at the Target parking lot before heading back down to Florida.  Police sensed that Gill was nervous as he explained his reasoning for being in the parking lot.  Other police officers were called and when they arrived, Gill admitted to having a handgun in the vehicle.  Police recovered a .380 handgun with 13 hollow point bullets (which are illegal).  They also recovered another magazine with 13 hollow point bullets, a metal baton, a knife and a grip handle.  Gill was charged with unlawful possession of weapons and possession of prohibited weapons.  His bail was set at $10,000 and he was being held at Middlesex County Jail.

The question on everyone’s mind is, why was he in possession of a handgun with hollow point bullets if he was only visiting friends?  By chance, was he in the Target parking lot with an ulterior motive?   We may never know.  Leave your comments…

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