Method #2.

“Courtroom Tactics”

trial attorneyIf you’ve ever watched a courtroom movie like “A Few Good Men,” you understand that a cunning lawyer can beat a criminal case. The burden of proof in a criminal case is high: the state needs to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

A good attorney can cast doubt onto a countless number of elements on the day of your trial.

We can challenge the credibility of the witnesses against you. We can make their testimony seem ridiculous, especially if we can trip up their recollection of events.

Sometimes police officers can lose their credibility on the stand. The most famous example of this would be Mark Fuhrman in the O.J. Simpson trial. After having made some racist comments in his career as a police officer, all of the evidence with which he came in contact was suppressed.

If we can prove that you had an alibi, your case can be dismissed. If we can show that there is another potential suspect, then there certainly doesn’t exist proof beyond a reasonable doubt. We can challenge the actual chain of custody of the evidence. Who touched it? Who signed for it? Who drove it to the laboratory? Without a very clear chain of custody, evidence can be suppressed.

Most times, cases don’t go to trial. Trial is a risky proposition because we can’t guarantee the outcome. Most clients don’t like to feel like they are rolling the dice with their future. If negotiation results in a diversionary program, dismissal, or plea agreement, we can guarantee your result. Frequently our clients prefer to take a criminal record and probation instead of risking multiple years of jail time, even when they have a great case. We will offer you our most sincere recommendation , but the choice is ultimately yours. Sometimes trial is the best option, and we will be sure to tell you when it is.

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