Olawale Agoro: Hackensack, NJ Man Jailed for Impersonating Blind Twin Brother in Court

Imagine you get a court summons for a handful of motor vehicle violations. You make your court date, but instead of arguing your case before the judge, you claim to be your own legally blind twin, “Tony,” and ask that your brother’s date be postponed. Then you walk out of the room, having convinced the court that you were your own, imaginary twin brother.

It sounds like something out of a TV show or a daydream, but it’s exactly what Hackensack man Olawale Agoro did in Bergen County. And it worked – for a while.

Olawale "Brother Tony" Agoro

Olawale Agoro

Agoro was issued five motor vehicle summonses on July 31, 2014 and appeared in court on September 19, claiming to be Olawale’s legally blind identical twin brother Tony. Agoro claimed that his “brother” couldn’t make it to court, and that he was asking on his behalf for a later court date.

When Agoro left the court he convinced a good Samaritan to drive him around the corner, claiming he couldn’t drive his own car due to blindness, before taking over as driver once out of sight of the courthouse.

Not one to be fooled, however, the original arresting officer Matthew Parodi knew that Agoro was faking, and pulled him over again immediately. Parodi issued three more tickets and had Agoro’s car impounded. Agoro dropped the pretense of blindness in order to get his car back.

Agoro appeared before court clerks twice more as Tony, asking for adjournments on the grounds that his brother Olawale was in Nigeria mourning the death of their father. The clerks granted the two adjournments.

When he finally missed his day in court in February, warrants were issued for Agoro’s arrest. He appeared in court again as Tony, this time arousing the suspicion of the clerks. They called police, who questioned Agoro and were able to conclude that “Tony” never existed.

Agoro was sent to Bergen County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail, which he was unable to pay.

The moral of the story: don’t pretend to be your imaginary blind twin brother in court four times. You’ll get found out. The other moral: if you’re being held on bond in New Jersey, call Chance BailBonds and avoid the trip to jail.

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