Out on bail and back to jail…

A Trenton, NJ man, Aramis Jermaine Wiggins was arrested while out on bail on robbery charges. Mr. Wiggins was arrested on April 15th after Police Office Chris VanNess stopped him for a route traffic stop in West Windsor. P.O. VanNess found 745 bundles of heroin and a glock handgun in Mr. Wiggins glove compartment. He was also in possession of high capacity magazines and hollow point bullets. Mr. Higgins claims that his first of robbery was a “misunderstanding” and that police arrested the wrong individual. His bail was set at $250,000 as council believes that the probability of Mr. Wiggins being convicted are “significant”.

As a bail bonds company, we see and hear about so many similar cases. One thing we must all remember is that bail is a “right” and everyone is “innocent until proven guilty”.

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