Perth Amboy Police Officers cleared on murder charges…

It is a story we have heard before and most likely will hear again; police officers kill a suspect and walk away with a slap on the wrist.  The most recent case in NJ comes to us from Perth Amboy, NJ.  On December 4th, a frightened mother calls 911 because her schizophrenic 32 year-old son (Dixon Rodriguez) had not been taken his medication and was acting violently towards her.  Police officers Rafael Puntiel and Gina Fontan were dispatched to the location.  According to reports, Rodriguez was armed with a knife and attacked the officers when they approached him.  Both officers fired their weapons, killing Rodriguez on the scene.

While the knife was recovered on the scene, it was clearly understood that Mr. Rodriguez was mentally ill and not in his right state of mind.  The question is, why didn’t Police Officers Puntiel and Fontan apprehend the suspect without murdering him?  Leave your comments and sound off…

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