Posting Bail on Halloween

ChanceIn just eleven days the holiday of Halloween will be upon us. Traditionally a festive day for children to dress up in costumes and roam their neighborhoods trick-or-treating, many adults also get into the spooky spirit of the season and indulge their dark side. However, this often includes drugs, alcohol and behavior that can land someone in jail.

One needs only to look at the riots that took place over the weekend at Keene State College in New Hampshire to see how a fall festival can turn ugly. For whatever reason, many students on the campus decided to turn a Pumpkin Festival into a haunting night of vandalism. When the smoke had cleared, 49 arrests were made and 235 calls were placed to the police.

At Chance Bail Bonds we know how out of control Halloween can get and we want to give everyone a heads up that we are ready in case you need to post bail. Whether it’s for a DUI or disorderly conduct, Halloween can bring out the bad side in many people and a trip to jail may be in the cards if you are not careful. Police will be out in full force on this night and won’t be in the mood to deal with pranks you think are funny when in fact it is illegal.

Of primary concern is the consumption of alcohol and recreational drug use. Parties that cater to adults may involve drinks and other ‘party favors’ that will make operating a motor vehicle dangerous and against the law. We encourage everyone to party responsibly but if you do find yourself locked up on Halloween for whatever reason, remember to call (732) 984-4101 for fast bail bond service in New Jersey.

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