The Safest Cities in New Jersey in 2015

new jersey crimeNew Jersey crime rates are a constant point of discussion in the news with Camden, Wildwood, and Atlantic City reigning as three of the most dangerous cities in the state. Whether you vacation in New Jersey or live in the state, you may care about the most dangerous areas, but you definitely care about the safest areas. The following is a breakdown of the safest cities in New Jersey.

New Hanover Township

New Hanover Township in Burlington County is considered the safest city in New Jersey and has a population of around 8,000. In 2013, the town reported no violent crime. As a heavy farming community, New Hanover is also a part of the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, the first national reserve ever created in the United States.

Old Tappan

With a population of 5.882 people, Old Tappan is a historic town that ranks 2nd on our list of safe New Jersey safe nj citycities. Old Tappan also did not have any reported instances of violent crime in 2013, and their most frequent crimes are thefts and burglaries, but even these numbers are about ten times less than the national average.

Tewksbury Township

Located in Hunterdon County and home to the oldest German-Lutheran parish in New Jersey, Tewksbury Township is ranked third as one of the safest cities in the state with a crime rate that beats the state average by 88 percent.

Chatham Township

Chatham Township located in Morris County has a population of 10, 681 and a crime rate only slightly higher than Tewksbury. The property value and median income are much higher than the state’s average, and this township also has a higher rate of violent crimes such as murders, rapes, and assaults than the previous three towns. Nonetheless, its crime rate is still over 80 percent less than the state’s average.

Park Ridge

Park Ridge is located in the norther part of New Jersey in Bergen County with a population of around 9,000. The city ranks fifth in the list of safest New Jersey cities because of its low crime rate. It only has about eleven violent crimes for every hundred thousand each year. The majority of other crimes are theft and burglaries.

new-jerseyThese are the top five safest cities in the state of New Jersey. Others that almost made the list include Parsippany-Troy Hills, Bernards, Bridgewater, Montgomery, and Byram.

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